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We are at the PRSE 10 - 11 May 2023. Visit our booth!

Improving on-the-spot decision-making through NIR Spectroscopy

One of the major challenges on our path towards a circular economy is the lack of high-quality recycling worldwide. A key piece to establishing circularity lies in the first step of the recycling process: a clean on-the-spot sorting of plastic waste.

By enabling flexible plastic identification at the push of a button, our solution ensures clean plastics waste streams across recycling facilities worldwide.


The way to circularity is followed by enabling flexible plastic identification

We bring the added value that is most useful to you: Reliable identification of a variety of plastic types. For this purpose, we equip you with a powerful tool for on-site analysis of diverse plastic types.

Our Mobile NIR Spectroscopy Solution combines mobile hardware, data analysis, and material expertise to identify and distinguish a broad range of plastic types to support the path toward a circular economy.


A powerful combination of customer service, mobile hardware, data analysis, and material expertise



Our spectrometer is easy to use, robust and protected against water and dirt.



The analysis results are displayed on your smartphone within seconds. The app is available in the Android and iOS stores.

Customer Portal


In the customer portal, you can evaluate measurement results in detail, generate and download reports, and use the data for further analysis.

Our offer for the reliable identification of a variety of plastics

Our hardware combined with the available calibration modules will bring the power of mobile NIR Spectroscopy to the palm of your hand.

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